About the Magazine Innovation Center

The Magazine Innovation Center (a not for profit organization) is an international collaboration between the best thinkers in publishing, printing, advertising and distribution. MIC seeks to generate focused innovation in magazines and other print media. As an industry, we employ the world’s great minds. The Center will channel their creativity and intellect (away from the grinds of everyday work and challenges) to provide blueprints for productive change.

MIC will catalyze innovation in order to ensure a thriving future for magazines and the print industry. The Center plans to offer a wide spectrum of perspectives inside and outside of print media.

Open Source Thinking
Each year groups of experts will be brought to the Center to participate in extensive and visionary programs. They will be afforded the time and resources needed to create practical guidelines and directions for the future success of print. Results will be distributed worldwide. MIC will also host the annual ACT Experience that aims to Amplify, Clarify and Testify the future of the magazine media industry.

The Center will be under the directorship of Samir A. Husni with a board of directors that will guide, navigate and oversee the work of MIC. Another group of advisors will include leaders in the fields of publishing, printing, advertising and distribution; they will be instrumental in helping to identify key issues that affect the growth and health of our industry. They will be responsible for seeking out talents who have innovative ideas and spark. These forward-thinking individuals will comprise the proactive energy behind the collaborative efforts of the center.